The Start of Colorful U Jewelry

The Start of Colorful U Jewelry


My name is Danielle and I love jewelry. To me jewelry has always been a statement piece or a complement to my outfits. The jewelry I rocked when I was younger was simple yet bold, unusual yet colorful, big yet classy. It was all thanks to my mother and her costume jewelry from the 70s.

Once I realize I could make my own jewelry. I decided to learn about different materials, stones, sizes and metals. The jewelry I make is a mixture of colorful bold costume jewelry and simple minimal jewelry. I love bright color beads, semi precious stones and gold and silver components. 

Handmade jewelry that add a pop of color to your style so you can be unapologetically you is the motto for Colorful U Jewelry. Jewelry that you can wear that express who you are. I hope you enjoy my creations and thanks for stopping by.

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