Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Looking for a gift for her? Not sure what your mother, sister, daughter, wife, or girlfriend might like. In this guide, I will give you some ideas that will make it easier to choose.

Gemstone Lovers

For that woman that can't get enough of earth’s natural beauty, here at Colorful U Jewelry we have many gemstones to choose from.


Chips off the Shoulder

Gemstone Earrings

These earrings come in many gemstones that you just can choose one. From black and fancy jasper to amethysts and everything in between, you just can go wrong.



Gemstone Necklace

Our Statement necklace is stunning and can be worn in many ways. Wear it as a chocker or use the extender make it longer. Match the necklace with the Chip off the Shoulder to make even a bigger statement.


Dangle Earrings Lovers


For the lover of long dangling earrings. We have something just for them.

Cotton Candy Universe

A sweet and whimsical exploration of cotton candy cosmos. The colors itself attacks you to it and the 18k gold plating give it an elegant feel.

Golden Dreams

Speaking of elegant, Golden Dreams is everything you dream of. 18k gold plating and gold beads compliments everyone skin tones


Bracelet Lovers

We all know that woman whose go-to jewelry is her bracelets.


Stack more than one or just wear a set by itself.

Who's That Girl?

A simple bracelet that she can just throw on. It can be worn at work or a night out.

Hoops Lovers

For some women a pair of hoop earrings are a go to. You just never can go wrong.


These wooden hoops are a must-have. Lightweight and simple.


Small yet colorful hoops that are still lightweight and simple.


The Minimalist

All they want is something simple but minimal. We have just what they are looking for.


Small dangle earrings are just what they are looking for. Perfect for work or to go with that little black dress.

The Drip

The Drip can be worn in many different style. The favorite style is a rope necklace. The long and elegant necklace is perfect for that nigh outing with friends or coworker.


I hope this guide help you pick out something amazing for your love one. Don't forget to sign up for my newsletter and get 15% off your order. Also we have Free Standard Shipping. 

Happy Valentine's Day

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