5 Reason to Buy Handmade

5 Reason to Buy Handmade

Handmade means made by hand, not by machine, and typically therefore of superior quality. When comes to handmade jewelry is made by hand by the artisan or maker. Many people during the holiday decide to buy their gifts from large company. But what about the small handmade business in your area or your country. 5 reasons why you should shop small and handmade.


  1. Handmade = Unique

A machine can crank out hundreds of units per hour while an individual can only make a finite quantity. With that being said you will often find unique differences in handmade items. That makes the product and the purchase very special.

  1. Handmade = One of Few

Like I mentioned in reason #1 a machine can crank out hundreds of units per hour while a small business owner can produce a smaller quantity. What does that mean to the consumer? You can have 1 of 100 or 1 of 50 or even smaller. So, you will have something rare and unique.

  1. Handmade Help Your State/Country Economy

When you buy products from any small business in your state or country it helps your local economy. Small Business during the pandemic was hit hard and many were able to survive and thrive. In doing so it kept a lot of the local economy afloat.

  1. It Tells a Story

Each handmade product has its own story. Why use this gemstone? Why use silver or gold? Even for the consumer, you bought a particular piece because it means something to you or it will mean something to the person you gift it to. The story will continue for years, especially if it is passed down from generation to generation.

  1. Support Your Local Maker

Simple. You buy directly from the maker and support them. Your question about the product (materials, how to care for it, size and options) can be answered quickly. They know the product and can give the best advice. Support us make us feel like our products are worth it.


Colorful U Jewelry is jewelry that adds a pop of color to your style. The jewelry that I create is all handmade. I will love the support this holiday season and to be a part of the story of the gift. Please support small businesses this holiday season.

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