Minimalist vs. Maximalist: Which is your style?

Minimalist vs. Maximalist: Which is your style?

There are two styles that Colorful U Jewelry believes that you can be: Minimalist or Maximalist. Maximalist? I never heard of that. Don’t worry I’ll explain everything and hopefully, you find out which is your style especially when comes to fashion and jewelry.



Minimalist means a person that advocates or practices minimalism (living with things you really need). When it comes to décor many minimalist-like empty spaces, plain colors, and patterns. They embrace storage. A minimalist usually uses light colors and natural tones. When it comes to fashion, minimalists have a minimal amount of clothes in their wardrobe that feels right for them and brings them joy.

Minimalist jewelry is jewelry that is “barely there” or “naked jewelry”. Minimalist jewelry that has the ability to blend into your look without it being too loud or gaudy. Some minimalist jewelry ideas:

  • Small pendant necklaces: heart-shaped, oval, or circle necklaces can still give off a minimalistic look.
  • Chokers: with small pearls or beads
  • Dainty earrings



Yes, maximalist is the opposite of minimalist. It's not about clutter or excess but it's visually and spatially busier. Maximalist style is about bold colors, patterns, and creativity. Their rooms are a mix of bright colors and daring patterns. The space brims with life and history. Just like décor, maximalist fashion is loud prints and bright colors. In other words, “the aesthetic of excess”.

Maximalist jewelry is bold and gives “order in chaos” vibes. Some maximalist jewelry ideas:

  • Gemstones: Colorful gemstones the bigger the better.
  • Colorful necklaces or bracelets that you can stack
  • Large focal pieces: necklace or earrings


Can You Be Both?

Yes, but you will lean towards one or the other in some aspect of life. Maybe you like your décor minimalist but fashion-wise you’re a maximalist. Or your jewelry is bold but your fashion is not.


Whichever style you are Colorful U Jewelry has something that fits. Check out our collections to find something that suits you.

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